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Prism sells quality bulk hand sanitisers, face masks, disinfectant surface spray. Here you can buy hand sanitisers that are used almost everywhere. They are sold in canisters and filled in constantly renewable dispensers. The substances in these products are much more effective against viruses and bacteria than ordinary soap. Health care facilities, industrial facilities with high levels of contamination are always in need of antiseptics. And in the period of infection, they are used in shops, kindergartens and other institutions.

The main advantages of a quality antiseptic are:

  • reliably protects against viruses, infectious pathogens;
  • it is economical to use;
  • does not irritate the hands due to its qualitative composition and non-aggressive elements;
  • It is safe, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates;
  • highly effective;
  • Does not cause discomfort, softens the skin;
  • Inexpensive, considering the price/consumption ratio.