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Hand Sanitiser Spray


Prism Hand Sanitiser Spray is specially formulated to kill germs fast. With 80% alcohol content it's excellent at clearing germs from hands and surfaces alike, keeping your home or workplace clean and healthy. With Prism Hand Sanitiser Spray you can drastically limit the spread of germs and illness. Browse our range of sanitiser online and order today for fast shipping anywhere in Australia. We also offer free shipping in the Melbourne Metro region. Buy in bulk today and save!


Prism spray on hand sanitiser is easy and fast to use. Simply spray where you want to sanitise, wipe, and you're done. Prism sanitiser dries fast and leaves no sticky residue. It kills 99.99% of germs, ensuring that bacteria and illnesses have an incredibly hard time spreading when used correctly. Our formula is approved by the WHO. Spray it on your hands for quick and effective sanitising, or use it to wipe down surfaces.


If you use a lot of hand sanitiser, at home or in the workplace, buying in bulk could save you hundreds over the course of a year. Buy 500ml bottles single or in bulk, or order refill bottles of up to 20L each in bulk and save even more. If you have specialised needs or requirements for hand sanitiser our team can help you get the product you're looking for. Talk to our team today for more information on our hand sanitiser spray or on buying in bulk.


All Prism Chemical products are made right here in Australia using high-quality local ingredients. This way we can guarantee the quality throughout the entire process and provide you with better, more hygienic end results. Trust Prism Chemical to provide outstanding hand sanitisers. Order online in bulk today.

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