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How to Wash Your Hands

It might seem a little strange to need instructions on how to wash your hands correctly, but when global health is on the line knowing how to use soap and sanitiser the right way is essential. Germs build up on your hands throughout the day, and not getting rid of them all when you wash or sanitise can end up undoing all your hard work. Following these instructions will not only give you clean hands, but provide you with the knowledge you need to keep yourself and the people around you safe and healthy.

Using Sanitiser Correctly

First, apply sanitiser to your hand. Most people only need about a 5 or 10 cent piece worth to cover their hands.

Second, rub your hands together to cover every part. You should be sanitising:

  • Your palms
  • Between your fingers
  • The backs of your hands
  • Your thumbs and your fingertips
  • Your wrists

Hitting every one of these spots with sanitiser will ensure you don't miss any of the germs on your hands and achieve maximum coverage.


Should I Use Soap?

While sanitiser is great for killing germs fast throughout the day, you should be using soap and water if you have the opportunity to do so. The more you use sanitiser less effective it is, as dead germs and cells will build up on your hands and prevent the sanitiser from reaching every germ effectively. Using soap cleans your hands completely, getting rid of germs as well as dead skin cells completely.

Keep Up Your Hygiene With Prism

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