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Prism products can be available in various forms.
For example, a hand sanitiser spray is good because it helps you save money when using the product. If it applies to hard-to-reach areas of the skin, we recommend spraying the product on a cotton swab. Remember to spray the solution at a distance of about fifteen to twenty centimetres from the skin.

The liquid in a normal bottle use as follows: it should be applied to a cotton pad and then wiped over the desired area. If you also want to give your skin the care it deserves, choose products that, in addition to their disinfecting properties, soothe inflammation and irritation.

Hand disinfectant gel works exceptionally gently. It doesn't dry out the skin but instead leaves it wonderfully soft and even moisturised. In this case, the cleansing properties of this product are no less than those of its liquid counterparts. Besides, the gel comes in bottles with a dispenser to reduce the consumption of the product to a minimum.

Some preparations intend to disinfect the skin on your hands, nails, and even manicure tools. It is not advisable to experiment with tips - not all products are suitable for treating them.

Depending on the type of treatment, a powerful hand disinfectant solution or a milder product can use. A strong product should only use if the skin is infected with fungus or a virus. Therefore, the product should keep on the skin only for a short time, and in some cases, may even cause slight discomfort, such as a burning sensation.

The manufacturers also offer special disinfection kits. It can optionally include lint-free wipes, unique towels to protect the work surface from stains, cuticle oil, nail disinfectant and skin antiseptic or a liquid that combines both functions.

It is worth noting that the use of a hand disinfectant must always be combined with antiseptic products for tools and separately for Covid Safe (if you intend to apply artificial nail varnish).

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